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Leap-frog Approach to Traditional VW TDI Skid Plates


One of the most frustrating repairs for any Volkswagen owner is a broken oil pan from rocks/road debris etc. What typically happens is over the years, the plastic cover that these cars come with gets lost, or one of the dealer techs forget to replace the mounting screws so it gets torn off on parking blocks etc. Driving a TDI Volkswagen with an exposed oil pan is a ticking time bomb. We routinely have cars towed into the shop with a busted oil pan and/or damaged engine internals from oil starvation. Now, we've installed our share of aftermarket skid plates for years and while there are full coverage skid plates available, NONE are user friendly to either install or work around when servicing the vehicle. Once installed, in order to service ANYTHING (or if you drop a bolt/tools etc. while working on the vehicle), you'll have to remove the skid plate entirely (which is huge pain). Why put a $300 skid plate system on your vehicle when all you're really worried about protecting is the engine's oil pan? We designed our oil pan armor with several key features:

**Installs in under 5 minutes using factory threaded engine block holes

**Less than 1/2 of the cost of a typical skid plate system

**Built from Aircraft Grade 6061 T-6 aluminum

**Easy to work around including unhindered access to the oil drain plug etc.

**Comes with bolts and installation instructions**



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